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The average novice draws the face and draws the eyes with direct reference to the picture to finish up, so it is difficult to do this well, and often the results are less than expected.

This article will take you to understand the principle behind drawing eyes.

Recently, many of my friends wanted me to talk about how to draw eyes, and at first I thought it was a rather beginner-oriented question.
But after looking at some of my friends' work, I noticed that a lot of people have a slightly harder time starting to draw eyes. Some people may say, “Oh, I'll get better if I draw more often, I'll get better at it”, but did you find that you still don't know what to do when you do it yourself?

Perhaps, everyone reading this article can follow the tutorials of others and draw the eyes. However, when it comes to drawing your own face, you're at a loss. Where does each line start? Where does it end? I don't know what kind of eye angle to make? In fact, it is not difficult to draw eyes well, but it is difficult to understand. Of course, as long as you have mastered the rules, you can mix and match at will. In the spirit of “teaching people to fish”, the following I will systematically explain the principles behind the drawing of the eyes for you ~

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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 14

First of all, before drawing anything, you must first understand the structure of the thing.

Many enthusiasts have not studied art before contacting clay handicrafts, and they do not know the structure of the eye.

Let's take the first step to get familiar with the structure of the eye. In anime characters, the structure of the eye is simplified as follows: upper and lower eyelids, eye corner eye tail, eyeball, highlight, eyelashes eight parts, eye on the eyebrows, eye eyebrows mostly in pairs, generally in the left and right mirror symmetry, to draw good eyes, the first thing to remember these structures, and then according to the different characters, to design different eyes.
The eyes can be designed in four parts.
The curvature of the upper eyelid can distinguish the character's personality, the more curved the eyes appear softer. The straighter the eye, the more rigid and firm it is.

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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 15

The size of the eyes can somewhat distinguish age. The smaller the eyeball, the more mature it appears.

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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 16

The lower eyelid can express emotion, that is, the degree of opening of the eyes, wide eyes can express surprise, anger, fierce, slightly squinted eyes can be gentle, smile, can also be sinister, suspicious and so on.

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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 17
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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 18

The different heights of the inner and outer corners of the eyes are also part of the design. A high outer corner of the eye resembles a phoenix eye and looks flirtatious; a low outer corner of the eye looks innocent and is a droopy eye.

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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 19

By changing the color of the eyes, the whole person's temperament can be changed ~ golden eyes can represent holiness and steadfastness; blue eyes can represent depth or purity; green can represent simplicity; purple can represent mysterious temperament; red can represent fervor, etc.
By understanding the structure of the eyes, it helps us to understand the characteristics of the character, and also facilitates us to sort out our thoughts when drawing.

The steps of drawing.

Drawing on a clay face is no different from drawing on paper.

From sketch to line drawing

I usually use pencil or light ochre for sketching. Pencils 3B~6B are suitable, they are soft and won't scratch, and easy to color. You can also use a pencil with light ochre to draw the line when you are skilled.

The line drawing should show the basic eye position, eye position; eyelash angle; eyebrow position. Also make sure that there is no asymmetry in the size of the eyes or the height of the eyes. Many people ignore the symmetry problem when they focus on drawing, and often find out only after drawing that the eyes are one high and one low; one big and one small, and other conditions.
Here I offer you a tip for symmetry. Generally, after you finish sketching the lines, put the face mold squarely and use a thin pencil or a thin stick in the middle of the face mold to compare and observe the drawing condition of the left and right eyes. Once the line drawing is confirmed that there are no omissions, continue with a darker ochre or hot brown to enhance the line drawing and add more details. Finally, use a darker color or black to draw the upper eyelid and upper and lower lashes. When intensifying the lines, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the lines. Generally, the upper eyelid line should be thick and strong so that it looks radiant, and the lower eyelid line needs to be smooth and soft.

Color filling

After the line is completed, we will enter the coloring process. Generally, the coloring should be done in multiple layers, because the acrylics used in general painting should be diluted with water or medium to ensure that the strokes are smooth and not too hard to fill. Therefore, the coloring is often done in alternating stages. For example, first fill the white part of the eye with white, then hook the edge with a color darker than the eye color. Then a thin layer of eye color, it does not matter if you can not cover. Go back to the white of the eye white again. (This coloring method, it is best to use multiple brushes separate coloring, it is best not to use a pen repeatedly, not only inefficient, but also easy to string color.) After the white color on the eye position has basically dried. Then 1 to 3 times on the eye color, basically completely covered.

Color gradient of the eye

Many anime characters have gradient colors in their eyes, which look very dynamic. Usually the character's eye color is dark at the top and light at the bottom, but there are a few characters that are dark at the bottom and light at the top (such as the character in the anime work “Blade of Ghost Destruction”). The point of drawing the eye gradient is to add a small amount of dark color in the color after the light color is completely covered, deepening layer by layer. Generally to draw 5 ~ 10 times, the more color modulation and drawing times, the more natural gradient. After that, fill the pupil with a dark color or black outline.

Drawing highlights

The final step in eye painting is to highlight. Highlighting can effectively enhance the look of the eyes. Generally large highlights are in the upper part of the eye, and small highlights are added near the lower eye to improve the sense of transparency.
Most of the clay eyes are drawn with reference to the figure, so there are not many times when you are not a professional to actually do creative painting.

Drawing eyelashes

Points to be bolded.

  1. The eyelashes are curved.
  2. Eyelashes grow out of the eyelids, not on the eyelids.
  3. The eyelashes are not arranged in parallel.
  4. In order, there are variations in length and thickness.
  5. Thickening.

Drawing eyebrows

Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 20

The point of drawing eyebrows is the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes. The distance is large, indicating that the character is in a relaxed state, the mood is more relaxed, happy, the appearance of the eyebrows is basically more flat; the closer the distance, indicating that the character is in a state of tension, the mood is more sad, excited, angry, eyebrows will also be raised or sunk. And the up-and-down movement of the eyebrows is more influenced by the deformation of the upper eyelids, thus expressing different emotions.

Although you understand the science behind the eyebrows, it takes a lot of practice to see if you can really draw them well.
Finally, add some information pictures about the eyes.

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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 21
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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 22
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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 23
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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 24
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Why beginners are not good at drawing the eyes of handicrafts? 25

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