Wooden Mannequin, For Drawing and Character’s Pose Reference


Three different sizes: The wooden mannequin offers three other size options, catering to your diverse creative needs. Whether you are a novice artist taking your first steps or an experienced professional, the Dynamic Articulated Wooden Figure enhances your efficiency and sparks your creativity. With its help, you can pose easily, paving the way for unique and intricate clay creations.

Well made: Made of seasoned hardwood and comes with a stand. The wood artist's figure is articulated to imitate the human body's poses, actions, and positions. Each figure is meticulously crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and stability and guaranteeing a long-lasting creative partnership.

Flexible joint: Joints can rotate freely, allowing people to play with their imagination fully to create different postures and develop their hands-on ability simultaneously.

Multifunctional: Suitable for artists' models, photography props, animation, house decorations, desk decor, etc.

Fine craft: The wooden mannequin has a clear texture, neat cut surface, smooth surface, and is safe to touch.


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