Stainless Steel Blades, Multi-purpose Cutting Tool

These stainless steel blades can be used to cut air-dry clay, polymer clay, resin clay, stone clay and more.

Two sizes are available: a short blade for basic cutting and a long blade to cut curved shapes, allowing you to quickly create the basic shape of a skirt out of clay.

Note: It should be noted that because they are very sharp, we will use a box to pack them when shipping; you must be careful to open the box so as not to hurt you accidentally.


We are introducing our stainless steel blades, perfect for your artistic creations!

Our blades come in two sizes: 10cm and 20cm. The 20cm blade is unique because it can be bent to cut curved shapes precisely.

These blades are perfect for various crafts, including clay cutting, paper cutting, leatherworking, and more.

Invest in our high-quality blades for a smooth and effortless crafting experience.

Order now from our independent website and take your crafting to the next level!


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