Multi-color Professional Resin Clay, Translucent Available

Note: These resin clays can be mixed with other clays, and those marked with * have a certain degree of transparency.


This resin clay is perfect for clay art creation; compared with air-dry clay, resin clay is denser, so it is heavier for the same volume, which can make your clay artwork more textured.

You can also take out the proper amount of resin clay and mix it with air-dry clay; after mixing, you will be surprised to find that the artwork will become more delicate and resilient, giving you more possibilities for your artwork.


1 – Moderate softness and hardness; it does not become particularly hard in low-temperature environments and is easy to shape.

2 – It will still remain flexible after air drying and will not crack easily, even after bending.

3 – Easy to separate, does not stick to bags and tools

4 – Bright and translucent colors.


About Transparency

Professional Resin Clay 6

1 – Resin clay marked with * has a certain degree of transparency and can be rolled out with a rolling pin; the thinner it is rolled out, the more transparent the clay will be.

2 – Translucent Resin Clay has a slightly milky white color and becomes transparent when rolled out with a rolling pin. It can be mixed with other colors of clay to make it translucent.

3 – You can use translucent clay to make transparent parts, such as transparent sarongs.


How to Use

1 – Try not to roll the sheet directly onto a craft mat, as most craft mats have a frosted surface, and the clay can become embedded in the holes, making it difficult to remove.

2 – You can place the resin clay that needs to be rolled thin on the surface of a clear folder and then roll it thin with a rolling pin; this clay is very easy to remove on a smooth surface.


Professional Resin Clay 3

Professional Resin Clay 2



Professional Resin Clay 5 Professional Resin Clay 4

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