Realistic Leaf and Petal Molds Available in Various Styles

These leaf and petal molds are made from food-grade silicone and can be used with resin clay, lightweight clay, fondant, polymer clay, and more. After pressing the clay onto the mold, clear plant textures can be imprinted, which can be used to create realistic flowers and plants.

The shape and size of the leaves are not affected by the mold. For example, a 10cm mold can also be used to make 5cm leaves, and a circular leaf mold can also be used to make heart-shaped leaves, as long as the size does not exceed the maximum size of the mold.



Step 1

1. Take an appropriate amount of resin clay and roll it into a spindle shape.

Step 2
2. Use a clay backing board to press out the desired shape, and then trim it with scissors as needed.

Step 3

3. Place the resin clay on the mold and press out the pattern.

Step 4
4. Wait for the resin clay to air dry, then color it with acrylic paint or similar materials.


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