Puff, Multi-Size Kawaii Anime Chibi Molds

Introducing the “Puff” series, a collection of chibi molds designed specifically for crafting adorable Chibi-style figurines. These molds are perfect for crafting kawaii characters, with the flexibility to create both male and female options. Whether you’re a seasoned clay artist or a beginner, the “Puff” series molds make it easy to bring your favorite characters to life in a cute and unique way.


The inspiration behind the “Puff” series mold collection comes from the delightful and airy texture of a freshly baked pastry. Just like how a puff pastry rises and takes on a unique shape, the “Puff” molds allow for the creation of adorable and distinctive Chibi-style figurines.

The name “Puff” captures the playful and whimsical nature of these chibi molds, and the charming characters they help bring to life.

Gender-Neutral Clay Figurine Mold Set

Puff Chibi Molds Sample


360-Degree Display of Demolded Clay Figures


Puff Mold Banner 3

Size Chart

Puff Multi Size Kawaii Face Molds

Puff Multi Size Molds

One Mold, Multiple Uses

The space design of the mold is more reasonable, and the two sides of the body mold can also be used to make the hands of the clay figure, which can greatly improve the efficiency of your clay figure making.

Puff Multi Size Kawaii Anime Chibi MoldsPuff Multi Size Kawaii Anime Chibi Molds Dec1

Adjustable posture

Puff Multi Size Kawaii Anime Chibi Molds For Clay Figure 1

Support Grooves Reserved in Mold for Easier Work

Puff Clay Anim Chibi Silicone Mold



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