Professional Acrylic Paint Set

Discover professional acrylic paint sets from Winsor & Newton that are versatile enough for walls, fabric, clay, paper, wood, glass and other surfaces!



1. Fine paste and vibrant colors

The colors of this acrylic paint are full, and the brush strokes are smooth, giving you an excellent painting experience.

2. Sunlight and waterproof, strong stability

This paint has strong coverage and is 100% waterproof and very sun-resistant; compared with ordinary acrylic paint, it dries faster, reducing the boring waiting process for you.

3. Long history of the brand, safe and secure to use

These paints come from Winsor & Newton, a brand that has been revered by the British royal family, and due to their professional and high-quality nature, this is an excellent choice for you to choose professional acrylic paints.



1. Painting tools such as brushes and knives after using paints need to be cleaned in time; otherwise, it will be difficult to clean them after the paints dry;

2. Once the paint contaminates the clothes, they must be washed quickly with soap and water immediately. Otherwise, it will leave traces that are hard to clean;

3. Besides a smooth surface, acrylic paint can be used in almost all kinds of creative carriers, whether paper, canvas, bricks, wood, leather, walls, textiles, tiles, etc. Before painting on the plastic surface, it is necessary to rough up the surface, and the surface of the leather needs to be degreased with external alcohol;

4. Acrylic paint can be used with some acrylic mediums to preserve the effect of brushstrokes and knife marks and can be used for various painting methods such as collage and mixing.


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