Princess & Prince, Silicone Face Molds for Scaled Figurine

Note: There are some faces without eye or mouth contours, which are suitable for drawing some specific expressions, such as closed eyes, etc. This requires you to have some basic drawing skills.


Design ideas

Introducing our “Princess and Prince” series of high-quality silicone face molds, designed specifically for creating elegant male and female clay figures with anime or game-inspired features.

Our molds feature a variety of beautifully crafted faces, perfect for creating figures with a regal and sophisticated appearance. Whether you're crafting a male or female, our molds offer the perfect starting point for your clay figure.

Simple to Use: Our silicone face molds are made from durable and flexible non-stick materials with a smooth surface, making it easy to press or twist to release your creations. Cleaning the silicone mold is a breeze with just water.


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