Pine, Scale Male Silicone Mold

The whole clay mold is divided into three parts: body, legs and arms, and using this mold, the height of the male figure crafted is about 22cm/8.66”.

If you are more interested in female molds, you can purchase another of our molds: “Plum, Scale Female Silicone Mold“.


Design ideas

We wanted to design a more generic scale male silicone mold. Although he looks obviously muscular, he is not thick and has very nice muscle lines, he has long legs, thin waist and straight shoulders.

It is suggested that you can use this mold to create a figure with some open collar and a little bit of pectoral abs, which will be very effective.

For this batch of clay molds, we decided to name it “Pine”, which is a scale male silicone mold used for making male figures in most games and anime, and can be matched with the “Plum” series molds in our store to make couple figures.



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