MAGICO Lightweight Clay

MAGICO Lightweight Clay is a new brand developed based on XGB clay. It is the primary material for most of the clay figures produced on our YouTube channel. Compared to most other brands of colored air-dry clay, MAGICO clay has richer colors and better shaping ability. It is not easy to crack or fade after complete drying, making it the best choice for creating clay figures.

If you want to enhance the density and hardness of your lightweight clay works, you can also mix a small amount of FLEXI resin clay. This can make your clay works more solid and increase their weight. However, please note that mixing resin clay will make it dry faster, so it is not suitable for beginners.

Each package comes with a sealed bag, with a weight of approximately 108g.

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  • Naturally air-dry, no need for baking. In most normal temperatures and humid environments, a thin clay sheet will completely dry in 2-3 hours. The specific drying time varies depending on local climate and the size of the work.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe, compliant with ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards.
  • Fine texture, not easy to crack, and strong shaping ability. MAGICO clay's excellent shaping ability can even be used to make anime character hair.
  • Rich colors. There are 12 colors available, and you can also mix them to create more colors.
  • Low expansion rate. This can prevent your clay works from deforming easily after air-drying.

Usage and Storage Conditions

Please store the clay in a cool and dry place. After opening, please seal any unused clay to prevent it from drying out.

Although expired clay can still be used, for optimal experience, please use it within one year after opening. Our clay can be stored for more than two years in a cool and dry place before opening.

Please store in a cool place, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


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