Cat, Silicone Face Molds for Clay Figurine

Our “Cat” series of silicone face molds are designed with versatility in mind and are perfect for creating a wide range of characters and expressions.

We use these molds extensively, particularly for crafting clay figures inspired by anime and game characters. The naughty and cute faces produced by these molds will surely delight crafters of all skill levels.
Note: Some molds in the “Cat” series may not have eye or mouth contours, these molds are designed to allow crafters the freedom to create unique expressions, such as closed eyes or playful smirks, with their drawing skills.



We recommend you have some basic drawing skills when using these molds to realize their creative potential fully.

In addition, we offer both chibi-style and scaled-style face molds to suit your crafting needs. Our chibi style molds are perfect for creating chibi figurines ranging from 6-12cm, while our scaled style molds are designed for scaled figures ranging from 16-25cm.

Our face molds are designed to be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of crafting projects.

Whether crafting chibi-style figurines or larger, more detailed pieces, our molds can help you achieve the perfect look for your characters. We encourage you to experiment with different sizes and styles of molds to find the perfect combination for your unique creative vision.

Lastly, we invite you to visit our Instagram page to see more examples of our clay work and get inspired by the endless possibilities of this versatile and rewarding craft.


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