Acrylic & Wooden Blocking Board, For Placing or Drying Clay Crafts

Usage: you can use copper rods/toothpicks/wire/stainless steel rods, etc, to insert the clay work into the blocking board easily, which can be used as a placing or drying tool.

Size: 10cm*10cm*1.8cm/ 3.9in*3.9in*0.7in


Take your clay creations to the next level with our innovative blocking board!

If you are a clay artist who uses air-drying clay and struggles with safely placing your clay creations that still need to be dry, then this blocking board is to be noticed. It's perfect for drying clay creations that are not completely dry, and you don't have to worry about placing them on a tabletop and warping them due to gravity.

There are two materials for you to choose from, acrylic and wood, which are very strong and practical, but if you want something lighter, wooden is a good choice.


wooden stands

wooden stands

acrylic stands


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