Acrylic Display Case – Easy to Assemble, Dust & Moisture Resistant

If you’re looking for a suitable display case for your collection, don’t miss our multi-functional acrylic display case.


Made of organic transparent acrylic panels, it can effectively support up to 19kg while providing excellent dust and moisture resistance.

The high-definition transparent acrylic panel allows your collection to be perfectly displayed in the case without affecting its viewing value.
In terms of design, this acrylic display case is equipped with a glue-free snap design, making assembly easier.

The case base is also removable and comes in classic black and white colors from which to choose.
To meet most people's collection requirements, we offer a variety of case sizes to fit different sizes of collectibles. You can choose the acrylic display case that best suits your collection.

1. When choosing an acrylic display case, we recommend choosing a case at least 3cm larger than the actual size to install and beautifully display your collection comfortably.
2. Please wear the disposable gloves we provide before installing the case to avoid leaving fingerprints on the surface.
3. The protruding part of the snap is inserted into the hole in the bottom plate.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions 1
1. Sort the acrylic panels according to the picture, the long snap in the picture (the part pointed out by the arrow) will be mounted on the bottom plate (B plate);
remove the protective film of the acrylic panels.
Installation Instructions 2
2. Install the acrylic panels, insert the protruding part into the snap and the long end into the bottom panel (panel B).
Installation Instructions 3
3. Installation of silicone rings for reinforcement


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