Acrylic Base – Suitable for the base of handicrafts

If you don’t know what size acrylic base to pick, then you can keep sliding, we have some suggestions in the description.



How to Choose

1 – If it is a chibi figure (height 5-13cm), you can choose a 5/6/7cm base.

2 – For a standard scaled figure (height 15-30cm), you can choose a 7/8/9cm base.

3 – If you need to make a scene simultaneously, the scene's size shall prevail.


1 – If the work can be balanced, you can directly place it on the acrylic base.

2 – Glue, white latex, hot melt glue, and alcohol glue can be used. The premise is that the work and the acrylic base contact area are enough; if the contact area is too small, it may not stick.

3 – Drill holes, wire, copper rods, etc., the work inserted above, and then with the glue to fix. (This method is the most solid fixed)


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