I'm so glad you chose us to custom clay figures for you; we accept customized clay figures from games, anime, original characters, manga, and real human beings. You can see more of our creations on Instagram; every one of our creations will be 100% handmade and one of a kind, and they're perfect to use as a treasured gift or collector's item.

If you've decided to customize a clay figure but don't know how to get started, the following will help!

How to Custom Clay Figures on PicoDIY
How to Custom Clay Figures on PicoDIY 7


Step 1: Fill out this commission request form or DM on Instagram.

Step 2: We'll go through the form you submitted and your needs to provide a detailed quote and timeline.

Step 3: After completing payment on this page, your order will be added to the queue.

Figure Style & Size

chibi head to body ratio
How to Custom Clay Figures on PicoDIY 8

We accept different sizes and styles of clay figures, and in most cases, the smaller the size and the less detail, the shorter and more affordable the work will be.

Fridge Magnet

If you think the fridge at home is too monotonous, customized fridge magnets are the best way to decorate your fridge and room with all your favorite anime or game characters.

Just Clay Head

If you are an avid collector of movable figures, then you will be interested in customized clay heads; we can customize your movable figures with any expression and size as per your requirements, and you can have any cute and mischievous expression of these babies.

Bust & Clay Frame

We accept custom busts and will sculpt the character hip/waist and above to your specifications; if you wish to frame it, we can do that too! You can also talk to our clay artists about the details if you have more ideas.

Chibi Figure

The height of the chibi figure is 2-4 heads; the smaller the size of the chibi figure to omit more details, compared with the scale figure, the chibi figure tends to look more cute and lively; if you like cute figures and have a limited budget, then choosing a customized chibi figure is a good choice!

Scale Figure

Most people choose this, and if you're looking for a unique, highly reproducible clay figure, you can't go wrong with a scale figure!

Complex Scale Figure

This reference to “Complex” tends to refer to larger sizes, more drawing detail, or the need to create additional scenery and base designs that will take us longer, so if you're commissioning a figure with a lot of detail and you want a higher level of reproduction, then you should go with this one!


Clay Type

In sculpting clay figures, we use mainly air dry and polymer clay, which tends to be 1.5-3 times more expensive than air-drying clay because it is more costly and more difficult to sculpt.

Style & Size

For the most part, the larger the size and the more detailed the character, the more expensive the figure will be.


If you need a clay artist to expedite work for you, with the clay artist's permission, you will need to pay an additional fee of $15 for one day of expediting.

Any Additional Requests?

For example, if you need a customized gift box or wish to purchase a display case for it, etc., this will cost extra.


What information do I need to provide to customize a clay figure?

I would suggest that you fill out the commission request form; you just need to describe your needs and provide some reference pictures of the character.

How do I store them? How long can I keep clay figures?

They can be stored in a cool, dry environment for over ten years and still work fine, and polymer clay figures can be left in place for even longer.

How do I pay? Can I pay in installments? How soon after payment do we start working for you?

After receiving your commission request, we will quote you a price based on the sculpting difficulty of the character and inform you of the estimated timeline; you can pay in our online store after we quote you a price, and you can complete the payment via PayPal or credit card.
We don't support installment payments at the moment, but if you are on a budget, you can pay half of the total amount as a deposit, and the other half of the remaining amount needs to be paid before we can ship your order to you.
After payment, we will add your commission to our schedule and organize the work according to the timeline we agreed upon before payment.

Can I ask for a refund after the commission has started?

We are sorry because this is a 100% handmade product, and there is no way to sell it twice, so we don't support the refund without any reason; we hope you can understand and respect our work and dedication; if you have a more important reason, you can contact us first, thank you!

Can I check the progress during the work? Can I ask for changes?

Yes, after we've worked for you, we'll send you regular pictures of our progress, and you can suggest all reasonable changes. We want the final work to be something you're absolutely happy with.

What is the shipping method? Can I track the package? Approximately when will I receive it?

To ensure safe and efficient shipping, we ship worldwide by air.

You will receive a shipment notification email with a tracking link for your package after we ship, and the package will arrive at its destination within 4-10 days for most non-remote countries around the world.

What do I do if a clay figure is damaged in transit?

When packing, we will choose super hard outer packaging and fill the package with many shock-absorbing materials. We will also post a fragile sign on the surface of the package, so most of the time, this will not happen.
However, if, unfortunately, your package is broken, then we will provide the following solutions:
If your clay figures are only partially dislodged or broken in a small area, then I suggest you repair them using a small amount of school white glue or strong glue, which works well in most cases.
If you are unfortunate enough to experience serious damage, such as the clay figure body being completely broken and shattered, please take photos and record videos immediately after receiving the goods. Contact us in time; we will refund you according to the damage.


Sculpting clay figures is a complex and patient task for any clay artist; most of the time, it takes us at least five weeks to sculpt a piece; we are happy to accept commissions from you and look forward to working together; let's craft unique artwork together!


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